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  1. The term ‘green ammonia’ can be misleading. For fertilisers to merit a green label, the industry must adopt a planetary boundaries framework that includes reducing carbon emissions and circular management of n...

    Authors: Prithvi Simha and Gert van der Merwe
    Citation: BMC Environmental Science 2024 1:5
  2. Deep Learning (DL), a subset of Machine Learning (ML), has emerged as a powerful tool in environmental science, reshaping the landscape of data analysis and interpretation. This study focuses on the remarkable...

    Authors: Cosimo Magazzino
    Citation: BMC Environmental Science 2024 1:4
  3. Spoiled milk from the dairy industry was subjected to anaerobic treatment to produce biogas at 37℃ in this experiment. Parameters such as inoculum dosage, pH, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and retention time w...

    Authors: Eric Mutegoa
    Citation: BMC Environmental Science 2024 1:3
  4. The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model is an exceptional software for mesoscale climate modeling. It is extensively used to simulate key meteorological variables, including temperature, rainfall, and...

    Authors: Gatoto Placide and Michel Roddy Lollchund
    Citation: BMC Environmental Science 2024 1:2